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Finance Publishing is an independent entity with the sole intention of attracting and developing the best applicants in our industry in order to produce the highest quality products.


We are a highly diversified international company, employing staff from around the world, regardless of their countries of origin.


We are committed to equal opportunities, and we welcome applicants of any ethnic origin, gender, religious belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.


We offer competitive salaries and extended vacation and bonus schemes that recognise and reward individual and team performance.


Finance Publishing aims to be the most rewarding company to work for; so if you believe you have what it takes to be a part of our team, send your application to



What does “work experience” mean, and why is it important?

Most of us have been there. We have applied for jobs in our fields of interest and for which we were amply qualified on an educational level, only to be told that we did not have the necessary work experience. We walked out the door muttering to ourselves the oft-repeated question, “How do I get work experience when no one will hire me?”


Fortunately, some firms will provide opportunities to gain valuable work experience, and Finance Publishing is one of them. During these placements, which are generally limited to a specified period of time (one to two weeks for those of school age to a maximum of four weeks), an individual will experience firsthand what it is like to work in a fast-paced publishing company.


Even though a wide range of exciting and challenging work-experience opportunities are available at different times at Finance Publishing, the work itself primarily involves “shadowing” full and part-time employees to observe and learn from them as they carry out their particular roles within the organization. Occasionally specific hands-on tasks are assigned in order to enhance the individual’s understanding of the business and to enable them to receive feedback for work accomplished. Usually learning and developmental goals are established and agreed upon before the placement begins.


Because the primary goal of work experience is to extend education into the workplace, it is generally not paid. However, in some situations minimum wage (or above) will be paid; there are cases in which individuals are considered “workers” by the national minimum wage (NMW) criteria, especially if they are not attending school. Finance Publishing complies fully with the requirements of NMW regulation. At no time does the company use individuals on work experience to “fill gaps” left by the absences of paid employees.

Work-experience opportunities vary from month to month. They are listed on the websites of Finance Publishing’s main brands, allowing a wide range of applicants to apply. Because the company does not have a central department that coordinates employment applications, applicants interested in a work-experience placement should contact the particular magazine, website or department directly.


Applications should consist of a short covering letter, a CV (curriculum vitae) and additional supporting information, and they can be sent by mail or email. Cover letters should include the reasons for your interest in working for Finance Publishing, what you hope to achieve as a result of your placement and relevant contact details.

Developing you and your career:

The management of Finance Publishing is well aware that in order to maintain the company’s reputation as one of the United Kingdom’s leading publishers, they must continue to invest in the talent, creativity, innovation and passion of the people who work for it. Most career development occurs naturally on the job day-by-day—from working on interesting projects with team members, spotting opportunities to make a difference, going that extra mile to add value for readers, website visitors, advertisers, suppliers. Although some skills and knowledge are useful to all employees, customized training is invaluable in ensuring that teams in areas such as editorial and marketing are assisted in not just fulfilling their roles effectively but growing to their full potential. A dedicated learning and development team—supplemented by relationships with a range of external trainers, developers, coaches, mentors—ensures employees are provided with interactive and creative development opportunities throughout their careers with Finance Publishing. Bespoke development events are run regularly in response to specific needs. Each staff member is given unique log-in access to an on-line system that provides information on development opportunities. So for the writer wanting to learn how to interview and video corporate executives, the advertising-sales executive aiming to create the most effective pitch, an administrator seeking to become proficient at Excel or a web editor hoping to maximize social-media potential, development options either exist or can be designed or sourced out.

Developing managers:

Every staff member makes an invaluable contribution to the organization, but managers set the pace for their teams. Nature, or nurture? Are some people born to be managers, or are they nurtured to take on leadership roles? Whether they are born for management or not, managers need access to information and support to assist them in developing a full range of management skills. Training programmes and coaching nurture managers who lack experience in certain areas, such as conducting performance reviews, motivating teams or leading during stressful times.

Developing through community involvement:

Local communities depend on local businesses just as local businesses depend on local communities. At the centre of Finance Publishing’s corporate-social-responsibility programme is employee volunteer community involvement. What is particularly rewarding is when employees are able to use the skills they have developed at Finance Publishing to help a local charity or group. Team challenge events occur on an ad-hoc basis, usually in response to expressed needs from the community. Employees can request up to two days’ paid time per year to help with community projects. Although Finance Publishing offers a broad range of opportunities, staff can also source their own projects, subject to certain criteria. Finance Publishing also helps employees donate funds to charities through unique features of its payroll system.

Why become a sales executive?

Training to be a sales executive is not for everyone. For starters, it requires a full-time commitment. And also that contagious enthusiasm that generates sales. Because Finance Publishing produces some of the most iconic brands in UK publishing, it isn’t much of a stretch for sales execs to maintain their enthusiasm on the job.


The trainee sales executive has an important and challenging part to play within the organization. The position requires selling classified advertising space within Finance Publishing titles, establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with the designated clients and agencies of assigned territories, developing strategic action plans.


(If this description has piqued your interest, we can offer you a glimpse of what the typical day of a trainee sales exec entails, the training regimen, an interview with the head of digital sales who started out by selling classifieds.)


Those who feel they have the qualifications to become a first-class sales executive are invited to send their applications to