Guidelines For Editorial Contributions

Finance Publishing invites and accepts exclusive contributions of original reporting, analysis, opinion and commentary on news, trends and innovations related to the topics of Banking, Finance, Tax and Accounting, Financial Legislation, Sustainability, Technology, Stocks and Commodities, and Brokerage.


We do not reprint, repost or republish materials that have been previously printed, posted or published. We do not accept press releases, pitches, outlines or articles designed for corporate advertising or self-promotion.


Submissions for Review


Your email should include a short synopsis, a completed article (Word format preferred) and a headshot as attachments, as well as your full name, title, affiliation, Twitter handle (if applicable), email address and telephone number. You must also confirm that you are the original author (or co-authors, if applicable) of the work and that you are offering Finance Publishing exclusive publication rights. You will receive full credit for your article.


We aim to read all submissions promptly. We receive a high volume of contributions but strive to confirm acceptance within 72 hours. If we have not contacted you within three days, you are free to take your work elsewhere if you choose. Our editors cannot discuss unsolicited material by phone.


Editorial Guidelines




Please start by submitting a brief synopsis and, if applicable, a list of proposed illustrations and graphics for inclusion. Our editors will specify a word count and submission deadline if they are interested in pursuing your idea. The article’s by-line should include the author’s name, title and affiliation.


Word Count: 

Contributed content should be a minimum of 1,200 words and a maximum of 2,000 words in length. Please contact the editor for proposals on longer, more in-depth articles or article series.


The content should be informative, timely and relevant to Finance Publishing’s readers, primarily executives in financial institutions and other corporations. It cannot explicitly promote any company or its products and/or services. All claims or statements about performance must be supported with references to published literature.



Editorial pieces must not have been published previously and should be exclusively submitted to Finance Publishing. All manuscripts are subject to review and editing. The editorial staff makes all decisions regarding the final published version of an article.


Images and infographics: 

Content can be accompanied by applicable images, graphs and/or charts. For online use, one or two image files in JPEG or PNG format are preferred to PDF. A one-sentence caption (with credit) for each image should be included in the submission email or within the body of the article.


Any infographics supplied must be the property of the author or his or her company. Graphs or visual charts must be the author’s creation—or they can be generated by Finance Publishing as long as the underlying data is provided.



If the information source is important enough to cite, please do so within the text of the article with appropriate, complete citations (including URLs). Footnotes should be placed at the end of the article, not pages.


All submissions must be sent to Victoria Anderson, Deputy Editor, Finance Publishing by clicking here.