Although Finance Publishing is today a global, multi-media publisher, we are proud to say that our roots are firmly planted in print media. From our print base, we have launched into more diverse content and delivery platforms. Our glowing track record in print allows us to use our expertise to produce the highest-quality print products, for which we continue to be well-known.


Even though computer screens can deliver useful information, they cannot match the fulfilling sensation of holding a thick, beautifully laid-out magazine replete with vivid photos that the reader can leaf through at will. As tangible products, printed materials are associated with substance, value and authority. Having the latest issue of a renowned magazine right at the reader’s fingertips is a treat not just for the senses, but also for a mind hungry for entertainment and information.


For your business, we can develop a wide range of print products, with every page echoing your brand. Our seasoned print experts will provide you with captivating content alongside superb design and layout. We’ll also work with you to produce a tangible product that beautifully and powerfully reflects your company, reaching out to your target audience in ways that only print can.



We can develop a combination of print and digital supplements that go hand in hand to communicate your brand. We will work with you to develop focused 20-page print (and digital) booklets that cater to your chosen demographic or feature your company within its industry. These ad-led supplements can help you gain steam as they drill down on topics that allow your brand to stand out, front and centre.


Our in-house production team, composed of editorial and design experts, will produce these products ensuring that your brand shines through. Your logo will be prominently featured on the cover, and we’ll also incorporate a brand-oriented six-page keynote feature. These sponsored supplements can be published in association with Finance Publishing’s titles to capitalize on exposure and credibility. The print version will also be distributed for maximum readership. You will receive 1,000 copies to share within your company. More copies can be rolled out for industry events or circulation to your assigned demographic or client list.


Our in-house design and editorial teams will closely work with you to produce a bespoke and highly branded business profile. Whether it’s 20 or 30 pages long, this guaranteed top-performing print material will showcase your company’s history, achievements, clientele, portfolio, performance and plans. Our team will closely work with yours to ensure that the finished product is aligned to your marketing and communication needs.


Once completed, we can deliver your company’s printed profile to your individual customers (current and potential), investors and stakeholders; to upcoming industry events for distribution; and to your own office for internal circulation.


Let us create memorable resource materials relating to your company or company event that will leave lasting impressions on event-goers long after the event has finished. We can team up with you to produce printed event materials that deserve more than just a passing glance—and push your event farther towards marketing success.


Our products will showcase the core message of your brand or special event. They will be vibrant, captivating and persuasive, thereby gaining that much-needed steam and generating valuable connections. We can also design these materials to direct your audience to a call-to-action, making conversion easy and almost instantaneous. More importantly, these event publications will be something that delegates will want to keep and read through over and over, encouraging engagement and recall.


Your bespoke event materials can be ordered and delivered directly to your venue for quick and efficient distribution. We can also arrange for copies to be courier-delivered to your representatives before the event for an even more personal touch.


Leverage our extensive experience in print to create powerful display ads that convey your core message.


From concept to completion to flawless execution, we’ll work with you to create stunning and compelling ads. Our in-house personnel can weave together that perfect balance of creative design and persuasive copywriting, together with impressive layout and high-quality images—all to ensure that your ads achieve your goals.


We can arrange for single- or double-page display ad space in any of our Finance Publishing titles. We will let you choose amongst several positions—such as the inside front, inside back and back cover—to ensure the best exposure for your ad.