Video is a powerful medium. With one in every three persons spending time online watching videos, this medium has taken the lion’s share of content consumption. And its dominance keeps on growing. This is because video, the combination of moving images and sounds that is equally artful and technical, remains the most effective and engaging form of content.


At Finance Publishing, we can harness the power of video and create ambitious content to make your brand shine. Together, we can design compelling, relevant and brand-oriented audio-visual content that is easily shareable and even potentially viral.


We will publish your videos on YouTube to bring in the best results for search, browsing, engagement and call-to-action referrals. We will also embed your videos on our Finance Publishing brand websites for maximum exposure. Each of our videos comes with a corresponding transcript to improve accessibility and search-engine optimization.


So, while pictures can paint a thousand words, videos can deliver your message while bringing your brand to life.



Showcase your organisation’s story in a professionally produced, short film created by our world-class production team. This film will serve as your corporate introduction, showcasing your business or promoting your latest product or service, taking extra care to focus on your brand and to make it stand out.


We can travel to your workplace anywhere in the world, and our professional crew can put together a seamless corporate introduction, complete with executive interviews and dynamic B-roll footage. We can film your representatives in unique locations, as well as feature your offices, branches, staff, customers, products and services.


Be an industry leader with a broadcast studio interview. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your authority and expertise as you discuss the challenges, recent changes and dominant trends in your industry. Connect to your audience with inspiring stories and anecdotes. Interject the latest news and innovations from your company to shine the spotlight on your brand.


We can tell your story through a classic news-style medium. And we can create more access points by editing the conversation into several five-minute clips, then combining them to produce a compelling narrative that will captivate viewers. We can also tailor different interview and production styles for a more personalized and authentic touch that will pull your audience in and leave a powerful impression.


Celebrate historic milestones and promote your company events. We understand that no two events are the same, and we are ready to rise to the occasion, with great results. So let’s capture your events in a series of video packages that explore their themes and triumphs from every angle.


Team up with us to artfully put together footages that will emulate the full, three-dimensional experience of your event. We will interview organizers, key speakers, guests of honour and select attendees. We will record your whole event and edit several footages together into a well-made series of videos exploring your event’s key themes. We will create clips and full captures that you can stream to the world.


Whether it’s a multi-track conference, a week-long seminar or a multi-room exhibition, we will take care of it all for you. We will even provide you with an opening sizzle reel to draw in your audience, as well as produce a dynamic B-roll to document your whole event.


Grab the attention of your audience with a documentary that explores your company, brand, product or service in-depth. Our experts will create a corporate documentary rich with information about your company, exploring its business operations, goals and contributions within the context of developments within its market sector regionally, as well as global trends. This detailed storytelling will combine multiple interviews and footages with different stakeholders, partners and personnel to paint a richer, more memorable picture of your company.


We will create a 20-to-30-minute documentary split into short five-minute episodes that are designed for immediate impact and easy to share on social media. We will also throw in substantial B-roll filming shot in key locations over several days. Our seasoned production team will handle everything from concept to completion, so you can rest easy knowing that your documentary will show the best of what your company has to offer, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.