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The credit ratings industry bible, the professional’s choice, AAA Rating has no peers for industry reach, access and depth. Produced twice a year, AAA Rating is the complete business directory for anyone working within credit ratings agencies, analysts, issuers of debt obligations, structured finance, CDOs and Government departments.


Directory of Credit-Rating Agencies
Providing a comprehensive, accurate listing of credit-rating agencies currently in business.

Credit-Rating Agencies Rated
Examining why and how these providers of informed opinions regarding corporate and government credit risk are themselves subject to regulatory agencies such as SEC, ESMA and FINMA.

Criteria, Methodologies and Technological Advancements
Outlining the criteria and methods used by agencies to determine ratings and how technology is coming into play.

Central Banks
Focusing on the relationship between credit-rating agencies and central banks, and how the latter use CRA data to determine such factors as the collateral requirements of borrowing banks.

Capital Markets
Offering insight into how credit-rating agencies have a significant role to play in bolstering or sinking businesses of all shapes and sizes, and the ever-present threat of conflict of interest.

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